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Finally, a Monthly Newsletter Designed for Commercial Real Estate Brokers
That Is Already Written for You to Mail and E-mail to All of Your
Clients and Prospects!

From: Dr. Jim Gillespie
America's Premier Commercial Real Estate Coachsm

Dear Friend and Fellow Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Professional,

We all know how valuable our past clients are to us.

We also know how important it is to regularly communicate with our past clients and our prospective new clients.

Every successful businessperson knows that ...

Frequent and Consistent Contact
With Your Current Clients and
Prospects Is the Easiest Way to
Achieve Significant Growth

But staying in monthly contact with past clients and current prospects can be costly. You don’t always have the time to get your prospecting done every month, and it always takes time and creativity to come up with something new to send to them in the mail.

Well say goodbye to long periods of not staying in contact with your clients and prospects. And say goodbye to having to write and design your own mailers to send to them, too!

Announcing ...

I have teamed up with Jim Palmer and No Hassle Newsletters to produce the greatest commercial real estate brokerage business building tool since the telephone! Known internationally as the Newsletter Guru, Jim is the creator and President of No Hassle Newsletters. This is an amazing partnership that I know will pay HUGE dividends for commercial real estate brokerage pros everywhere.

"This newsletter has become the primary source of my commercial real estate brokerage business."

Thomas B. Clay
Atlanta, GA

Here is why I am so convinced that you will LOVE this program. First of all, Jim totally gets it! For almost 30 years he has helped literally hundreds of companies dramatically improve their profits by boosting their repeat and referral business with a monthly customer newsletter.

Second, I am personally writing the main article in every newsletter – so you can breathe a gigantic sigh of relief in knowing that your customers will be enjoying “your” newsletter with the perfect message!

If You Have 13 Minutes (or less) Every Month,
You Can Send a Custom Newsletter to
Your Clients and Prospects!

Just imagine – a newsletter that is already written for you! How great is that? No more struggling to find content. No more writing and designing. No more glue sticks. In short, No more hassle!

These are the best newsletters
I have ever seen to send to commercial real estate
decision makers!

All you have to do is write a short paragraph (your personal monthly message) each month and THAT’S IT!! If you can “copy and paste” then you can produce your newsletter in less than 13 minutes!

This newsletter comes to you every month in a Microsoft Word format, making it very easy for you to mail and E-mail it to all of your clients and prospects!

You can no longer say that you don’t have the time to stay in contact with your clients. With Jim Gillespie’s No Hassle Newsletter for Commercial Brokers, it’s all done for you.

This is an easy way to keep your clients
and prospects always thinking
of doing business with you!

Click on these links to see examples of the newsletter:

Click here to see Example 1

Click here to see Example 2 

OK Jim – What is this No Hassle Newsletter
program going to cost me??

I'm glad you asked that. Because the total cost of having this 4-page newsletter sent to you every month, with all of the articles already written for you, is just $147/month! If you were even thinking of trying to write all of these articles every month, you'd burn up a lot more than $147 of your time! And there's probably a good chance that you wouldn't get your newsletter out consistently also!

So don’t delay--Get started now! As these newsletters will produce solid new commercial real estate brokerage business for you!

"This newsletter has become the primary source of my commercial real estate brokerage business."

Thomas B. Clay
Atlanta, GA

It's easy to get started!

Click here to get started with my No Hassle Microsoft Word Newsletter
for Commercial Real Estate Brokers! And when you click on the link to get started, you'll see Jim Palmer, my partner in the newsletter, standing proud right at the top of the page.

And as a special bonus, when you click on the link and signup right now, you'll receive a FREE BONUS EDITION OF THE NEWSLETTER, so you'll receive two newsletters immediately instead of just one! Then you can send this bonus newsletter to your clients and prospects whenever you want to in the future.

You can edit and print whatever quantity of the newsletter you want, and it’s still only $147 per month!

We’ve made it incredibly easy to get started with this Microsoft Word newsletter. Just click here to sign up. You'll receive the current month's edition immediately, plus a free bonus edition, and you’ll be sent an E-mail every month with the next month's edition!

To your success,

America's Premier Commercial Real Estate Coachsm

P.S. I’m telling you – there's NO easier way to fill your funnel with prospects than sending a monthly newsletter. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your monthly newsletter will become your greatest source for creating new real estate business!

Click here to signup for this newsletter now!